Thursday, October 6, 2011


Through Him therefore let us constantly and at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of our lips that thankfully acknowledges and confess and glorify His name. 
(Read: Hebrews 13:9-16)

15 The verse begins with an emphatic "through him." It is through Jesus and not the Jewish priests (or any other priests) that people "offer" to God acceptable sacrifices. "Offer" is a technical word for the offering of sacrifices of animals and the like. The author uses it of the only sacrifices Christians offer-spiritual sacrifices (cf. Rom 12:1; Jam 1:27). So he urges them to offer "a sacrifice of praise," i.e. a sacrifice consisting of praise. This sacrifice is to be offered "continually." In systems like Judaism sacrifices were offered at set times, but for Christians praise goes up all the time. Since a loving God is working out his purposes all the time (Rom 8:28), there are no circumstances in which praise should not be offered (1 Thess 5:18). The sacrifice is further explained in an expression from Hosea 14:2 (Prov 18:20), "the fruit of lips that confess his name." In light of the Cross, there is no room for sacrifices such as those the Jews offered. Now believers offer the sacrifice of praise and acknowledge Christ. 
[NIV BIBLE COMMENTARY Volume 2: New Testament]. 


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